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MVP Definition

This is a study case for my master’s degree at Nuclio Design School. 

Since we are still working on this project, I will mainly focus on the workshops we did to find a solution and to develop an MVP.


For this project we started with a trend research to find out what topics were relevant to society and the media, presently in Spain.

With the research we found out that 55% of Spanish CEO’s admit to having lied about their green polices and practices – Source. This information was a starting point of our research because we wondered how this information could impact the consumers.

We had a set of interviews with people who had a green lifestyle and we also launched internet polls to find out what were the pains and the goals. We found out that people would be somewhat discouraged to start a greener way of life because of their distrust of companies.

We developed 3 User Personas and 1 User Journey for this case and went on a search for a solution.

We had a two session workshop to work on the real problem and how we could actually solve the issues. How could we actually help the people regain trust and participate more actively.

Also, we worked on a Value Proposition and a set of basic features for an MVP.

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