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This is a final project for my Masters Degree in UX UI Design. We worked as a team to find a solution that would improve people's lives. It took us 4 months to research, ideate and test a working prototype.

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Lifestyle - B2C
Madrid - 2023
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UX UI Designer


Team work is always the best way to go.

We created VerteVerde in my Masters Degree with, a fantastic team ready to work as many hours needed in a complete design thinking process. Our objective was to create a working prototype of an app that could eventually improve people’s lives. We focused on the effect greenwashing has on consumers and the way they care about the planet.

All the data gathered in this project is real, however the app is not on the market. Yet.


The data that was our starting point was that 1 in 2 CEOs admitted to have not been honest about their sustainability claims. With this in mind we wondered how the misinformation could affect consumers. In reality, most people were either really involved in a greener life or completely lost with no idea where to start. In the end, greenwashing had impacted people’s lives. 

In the early stages, we focused on learning more about people interested in having greener practices and how we could help them. We had interviews and polls to gather valuable information about the issue.

We talked to experts in legislation and also in business policies, to learn what was going on. The insight was that we cannot hope that people would change radically overnight, both companies and consumers need to be educated about the best way to reduce their impact on our planet. 

We learnt about the way people shop, how they select the products, what they pay attention to and also what their actuals needs were. All this valuable information was translated into User Personas and User Journeys.

Value Proposition

With all the information we had, we then worked on a value proposition that would include both consumers and local shops. 

This way, we could think of a way to help people with a very active sustainable life and those just starting, as well as the local business that had all the expertise and also the verified sustainable products.

We focused on building trust by providing valuable information and a mentoring system with verified profiles that would lead the way to a greener future. 

Solution for users

First we organised all the information and then we worked on the User flows to ideate how the app would be used and how to create something worth using daily.

After this, we used different creative ways to ideate as a team all the sections of the app. We had low fidelity wireframes (mockups) that were then translated into a mid fidelity version, in black and white.

After this we created a Design System in Figma for the real app, based on a Moodboard and Branding identity, with typographies, colors, pictures, illustrations, icons. 


We also learned a lot. The design process was really interesting because we had ideas that we really loved and wanted them to see the light.

However we had to trust the process… After a User Testing session we decided to make a few changes to the onboarding and the home section of the app.

We wanted new users to be able to match with more expert profiles but since we did not want it to be a dating app we changed the way people would meet each other. 


We wanted new users to really understand the purpose of the app as well as all the functionalities. 

So, after testing we built an easier onboarding that would portray parts of the app and explain how one would use them


Home Page

To reduce confusion we decided to let go of the swipe for match and add a community section where all the profiles with similar interest would be filtered by distance.

Final versions

The app also has Events published by mentors, a sustainability habits tracker and a Map where advanced users can recommend valuable stores.

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