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Professional website - Lic Juliana Bereny

Worked with a psychologist on an online solution to draw new clients. She helps people that have moved to another country.​

💼 Type of project
Entrepreneur - psychology
Madrid - 2023
🧰 Tools
👩‍💻 My Role
Product Designer
Wordpress Developer


This professional had to change her way of working during the pandemic, so we worked together on her project set up. A few years later we redesigned her website to give a more modern air and to integrate it to ademand generation strategy. This website includes some visuals from her rebranding.


This project was a redesign work on a website that had some information about therapy for migrant people. We analyzed all of the content already published and classified those that would stay and those that wouldn’t. We had feedback polls from patients that actually used the website to get information to determine what was useful and what was not.

Features - Information Architecture - Mid-Fi Wireframes

With a list of features we worked on the Architecture of Information, a wireframe and then a low fidelity prototype.

The website would have a home page, a service page, a blog, a contact page and an about page.

In the blog part, the therapist writes content that is used mostly for SEO purposes and to draw in new clients.

Solution for users

The blog has content about the typical issues a migrant person goes through when they choose to leave their country. This serves as a way to create a trustworthy bond.

This therapist works mostly with Argentinian migrants and the content speaks directly to them, working as a pain reliever.

Impact on business

The website has helped draw in new clients for the therapist since the therapists gives a feeling of trust.

It has a social proof section where there are testimonials from other patients.

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