Betsy Saul

Website - Centro Médico del Sol

This was a redesign in WordPress to create an easier to navigate website that would allow patients to find relevant information and schedule appointments

💼 Type of project
Health Center - B2C
Buenos Aires - 2023
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Product Designer
WordPress Developer


Centro Médico del Sol is a health center in Buenos Aires. I have been working with this for several years, helping them with Branding Strategies, Social Media and Google Search campaigns. It’s a family owned company with over 20 years of service.

The health center had a very outdated website that had issues with SEO, Responsive, loading time and repetitive content. On a first take it had accessibility issues and the information was not clear or easy to find. We decided it was very much needed to have a fresh start.

Since the location for the center was changing it was a great time to relaunch the website.


The first step was to engage in a workshop with stakeholders to learn more about users and about their business objetive

We started with an activity to improve the Information Architecture and the Sitemap. This way we focused on what was really important for the patients: location, opening hours, appointments and health insurance information.

Solution for users

Patients using the website are looking to book an appointment online without having to wait on the phone. So several buttons were installed in this design with CTA «Turno online». 

Also, the most relevant information was located on the home page instead of internal pages. 

The design in general was also updated to give a modern approach, in line with the new health center.

Also, internal pages only bring relevant information that can provide trust like a brief story of the company or contact options like Whatsapp that are easier to use.

Impact on business

The new redesign has impacted positively both on social campaigns and SEM, with better CRO that resulted in new patients aswell.

Future steps

We are moving forward on the creation of a simple e-commerce platform to allow patients to pay online and reduce waiting time on site.

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