Betsy Saul

E-commerce - Venus en Bruja

An online store to sell services for people with a spiritual lifestyle. This was the first part of a long term personal project.

💼 Type of project
Tarot reading - Entrepreneur
Madrid - 2023
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👩‍💻 My Role
Product Designer
WordPress Developer
Brand Strategy


This is a personal project that I started as a way to reach new customers for my Tarot readings. At first I worked with a graphic designer to create a Brand Identity and a Brand Book in order to portray a unique style that would attract customers. 


For the first part of this project, I worked on research about the business (benchmarking and market research) and the people that would use the service (interviews and polls).

Most esoteric stores in Madrid in particular and Spain in general, had impersonal services. However, people interviewed would want to know more the reader before purchasing a service.

I developed user personas to focus on the pains and how we could relieve them though the services and the contents of the website.


The website has an online store, a blog and a story page about the author. Also social media contents are embedded on the website. This way users can get to know the reader before booking a service.

In the content there are videos of the tarot reader as well as social proof from previous customers, to increase trust, and blog contents where her technique is explained and that allows for SEO purposes.

The website has a multi currency feature so that people from other countries can also book a service.

Solution for users

Different from any other tarot store in Spain, this one allows the people to get a preview of the technique as well as a story behind the person doing the readings.

With the story page and the contents, users get to know the tarot reader before booking a service.

With the services, users get to learn more about their lives and a little bit about their future.

Impact on business

This website serves as a main way to sell services as well as tell the story of the tarot reader behind it. It also allows for business to hire the services for bars, restaurants and offices as part of team building activities.

Having several currencies allows people from different countries to purchase the services. It has clients from Europe as well as Latin American countries.

The online store sells services 24/7 and with an ongoing digital marketing and paid media strategy linked to automations it brings clients all day long.

Future steps

Incorporating new services on the website, and making iterations from client’s feedback.

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