Betsy Saul

E-learning - Chilibi Academy

I worked on a solution for a marketing agency that had to stop teaching their workshops in the studio because of the pandemic.

💼 Type of project
E-learning platform - B2B
Madrid - 2023
🧰 Tools
Figma - WordPress
Mailchimp - Meta ads
👩‍💻 My Role
Product Designer
WordPress Developer


Marketing agency Chilibi was offering digital marketing courses inperson but during the pandemic there was this opportunity to offer online courses to people anywhere in the world. 

At first they tried Zoom conferences but in order to teach in different timezones it was necessary to implement a better solution. 


The first step was to engage in a workshop with stakeholders to learn more about their clients and other services they would offer

We focused on their business purpose that was to help other entrepreneurs reach their customers.

This was a great opportunity because as an agency working with entrepreneurs, most of their clients wanted to teach their courses on the platform too. To create the user persona we had to interview their clients and find out what would actually help them sell better during the pandemic and that would be also helpful after the lockdown. 

After the interview process with some of the agency clients we also launched online polls to define the main problem: people with their own business sometimes struggled to take online classes during fixed times on weekly basis and at the same time entrepreneurs wanted to teach their skills.

For this project we worked on delivering insights from the interview process and creating user personas that would be the focus of the solution.

One of the main User Personas for this project

Solution for users

An e-learning platform would allow user to take their time doing the courses, as fast or slow they would want, to log in from anywhere in the world and to track their progress with multiple choice tests and essays. 

Also, as some of the courses available would be interesting tools for professionals, after finishing the course and taking the Final Examn, students would be able to download a certificate and add it to their LinkedIn profile


We worked on a value proposition that would help more entrepreneurs and small businesses learn valuable skills for their marketing and social media campaigns.

Initially the platform would be for the agency only but it was later decided that it could bring benefits if the clients could publish their courses there too.

The e-learning platform has different lesson formats and different levels that they can achieve with tests. Students receive feedback from teachers.

The platform has multiple currency available. From the minute the users purchase the course they can have access to the classes. At the end of the course, the user has a diploma they can also share on their LinkedIn profile.

Each online course has an individual landing page with several CTAs to let users gather information like pricing, lessons and benefits. This landing pages are also used in Meta ads campaigns and Mailchimp automations. 

Impact on business

A steady regular income through already created content, managed by automations with Mailchimp, triggered by social ads leading to landing pages.

This new business asset was created to allow agency clients to also sell courses through a fee on the platform.

An increase in reputation for the agency, due to the quality of the published courses, and because of the social proof from finishers.

Future steps

This project was just the begining because more clients are now recording content for the e-learning platform.

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