Betsy Saul

Online academy

B2C / B2B
💼 E-Learning platform
📍 Madrid / Buenos Aires

We worked on a solution for a marketing agency that had to stop teaching their workshops in the studio because of the pandemic.


Problem: the agency used to teach workshops in a studio for their clients before the pandemic and more people would ask for social media workshops.

Since the pandemic more people would be attracted to online clases, specially entrepreneurs.

The users preferred an online platform instead of live classes because they could learn at their own pace.

After the interview process with some of the agency clients we launched online polls to define the main problem: people preferred to have classes when they had a moment of free time.

For this project we worked on delivering insights from the interview process and creating user personas that would be the focus of the solution.


We worked on a value proposition that would help more entrepreneurs and small businesses learn valuable skills for their marketing and social media campaigns.

Initially the platform would be for the agency only but it was later decided that it could bring benefits if the clients could publish their courses there too.

The e-learning platform has different lesson formats and different levels that they can achieve with tests. s¡Students receive feedback from teachers.

The platform has multiple currency available. From the minute the users purchase the course they can have access to the classes. At the end of the course, the user has a diploma they can also share on their LinkedIn profile.

Solutions for users

Continuous learning, whenever they want from any place in the world.

Access to multiple courses where they can learn new skills that are useful for their business.

New courses available to learn different skills according to their interests.

Impact on business

A steady regular income on an already created content.

New business asset was created that would allow agency clients to also sell courses through a fee on the platform.

An increase in reputation for the agency, due to the quality of the published courses.

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