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Landing page - Club de Emigrados

In this project we worked with a small company that launched a membership service. The landing page was intended to increase CRO.

💼 Type of project
Membership Club - B2C
Madrid - 2023
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Product Designer
Wordpress Developer


Club de Emigrados is a start up based in Madrid with the goal to connect people from different countries. The have monthly group activities to create a welcome environment. They have recently launched a subscription to offer their members great discounts in local businesses.

Founders had realised the website was not informative and clear enough to get new leads. Users were not clear on the benefits and how to subscribe.

The objective was to redesign the membership landing page and to use it later in a new social campaign aimed at getting new leads


The first step for this project was to interview the founders to learn more about the members and target audience. 
We had a workshop to collect further information and launched polls to learn what present members loved more about the available plan and how easy it was to subscribe.

We found that the details of the subscription was not clear and it did not offer enough security to users. 

Solution for users

The information for organised in a simpler way to make the experience easier to follow. Several call-to-actions were added throughout the navigation. 

We also added Social Proof, with real customer’s opinions as well as more visual aids on how easy it is to subscribe.

We then tested the prototype with several users since we wanted to learn if the information was easy to find.

The landing is designed for both new members that want to subscribe and actual members looking for a discount to use. This offers clear details on what the subscription actually offers.

Future steps

I proposed a full redesign of the website to integrate the new style to the homepage.

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